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Clinically validated deep learning segmentation for Radiotherapy


Scans are contoured in seconds using preferred structure set templates from planning.


Contours generated automatically and sent immediately to treatment planning system after each scan. Configure once, implement in workflow forever.


Extensive library of clinically validated anatomical structures ready for immediate use out of the box.


State of the art deep learning entirely

on local computers. No cloud transfer

of patient data required.


5 - 10x faster than manual contouring

Extensive Structure Library

Limbus Contour features a large selection of organs at risk (OAR) and clinical target volume (CTV) contours that work out of the box immediately. No atlas creation or local curation of data necessary. All typical organs at risk and CTV structures included (over 110 structures).

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  • Head and Neck

    Elective Neck Lymph Node CTV

    Choose from a combined structure volume including level IB, II, III, IV, V, VIIa/b. Or choose individual split sub-levels.

    • circleLN_Neck_IB









Unmatched Security and Speed

Limbus Contour is the only autocontouring solution that runs entirely on your existing clinical workstations. No GPU or cloud data sharing required. Contours available in 1-3 minutes when running on a typical Intel CPU. GPU acceleration available for high-throughput use cases for even faster local contouring times.

Easy to Setup

AI contours up and running in minutes with your existing treatment planning system.


Setup in Minutes

Get automatic contouring up and running in less than an hour. Create Templates and customize contour metadata to match your treatment protocols. Configure Limbus Contour to detect the correct treatment site and apply the appropriate Template for planning.


Vendor Neutral

Contours exported as compliant DICOM RT-Structure files. Supports a wide variety of treatment planning systems. No plug-ins or extensions needed.

Supported Platforms

Supports Windows (7 and above) and MacOS (10.14+). No GPU required. One click install on an existing workstation. No cloud, no patient data privacy concerns.

Full Automation

CT images processed immediately after each scan. Limbus Contour detects and applies the correct clinical template, and sends the contours to the treatment planning system for manual review.

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