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Radiology Support Devices

• Anthropormorphic Phantoms

• Angiographic Head Phantom

• Lung Chest Phantom

• Take-Apart Pixy

• The Alderson Radiation Therapy Phantom (ART)

• Wounded Willy and Damaged Debbie


Radiology Support Devices Inc. (RSD) manufacture anthropomorphic phantoms for radiography and radiation therapy. RSD phantoms set the global standard and are used in radiation therapy clinics around the world.




• XStrahl 100

• XStrahl 150

• XStrahl 200

• XStrahl 300


Xstrahl manufactures innovative superficial orthovoltage medical X-ray systems and advanced X-ray systems for pre-clinical research. Xstrahl equipment is used in more than 600 hospitals, clinics and dermatology practices around the world, including the renowned Mayo Clinic.

Standard Imaging



• Daily QA

• QA BeamChecker Plus

• MIMI Phantom

• Monthly QA

• PIPSpro Software

• Annual QA

• DoseView 3D

• Extradin A28 Ion Chamber

• Absolute Dosimetry

• SuperMAX Electrometer

• Patient Dosimetry

• Adaptivo

Standard Imaging sets the global standard for advancing radiation quality assurance (QA). The company operates an eco-friendly manufacturing facility and is a leading supplier of radiation calibration and QA instruments.



• Delta4 Discover

• Delta4 Phantom+

• Delta4 Phantom+ MR

• Delta4 Phantom+ Plastic Water® 

• Delta4 Hexamotion

• Delta4DVH Anatomy

• Delta4 Machine QA

• Delta4 Trolley


ScandiDos is the world leader in quality assurance (QA) and dosimetry for modern radiation therapy. ScandiDos measurement systems and software are in use in radiation clinics around the world, and the Delta4 Discover was awarded the ‘Seal of Excellence’ from the EU Commission in 2019. 


Ross Engineering Corporation

• High Voltage AC Voltmeters 

• High Voltage Dividers 

• VMD2A Mulitpurpose Digital Voltmeter/Amplifier

• Personal Grounding Rods 

• High Current Switches

• High Voltage Relays

• Single-Pole HV Vacuum Contactors/Relays

• Three-Phase HV Vacuum Contactors & Circuit Breakers


Ross Engineering Corporation has been designing and manufacturing high voltage products since 1964. The company’s High Voltage Calibration and Test Lab is set in the heart of the Silicon Valley in the US. Their 22,000 square feet manufacturing facility includes an in-house machine shop to ensure the impeccable reliability of its products. 

Oxford Scientific product support services

Oxford Scientific provides equipment installation, service and support you can trust. 
Our experienced team of engineers has been internationally trained by our world-leading manufacturers to provide expert installation and maintenance on all our
high-value medical and scientific equipment across Australia and New Zealand.

Warranty on products

Our products come with a repair or replacement policy in the event the item or service fails to meet the warranty in the agreed upon period. 

On-site technicians and engineers

Call on our qualified and accredited on-site staff whenever you have questions about your equipment or need technical assistance. 

Equipment relocation

Need your high-value X-Ray or radiotherapy equipment relocated or reinstalled?
Our experienced team of engineers will get the job done for you. 

Service contracts

Our expert team of engineers will keep your equipment in tip-top shape with scheduled maintenance service contracts (conditions apply).

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