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Ross Engineering Corporation has been designing and manufacturing high voltage products since 1964. The company’s High Voltage Calibration and Test Lab is set in the heart of the Silicon Valley in the US, and their 22,000 square feet manufacturing facility includes an in-house machine shop to ensure the impeccable reliability of its products. 


Ross Engineering is dedicated to excellence with a proven ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS), and the company’s manufacturing process observes a strict military-standard quality control policy. 


Oxford Scientific is a trusted Ross Engineering Corp distributor in Australia and New Zealand. We service all major cities in Australia and New Zealand, and regional centres throughout Australia.

HI-Z® High Voltage AC Voltmeters 

Accurately measure capacitance voltage test points, phasing, energised line indication and direct HV line voltage measurement. VM50 and VM100 models measure up to 50kV and 100kV respectively in four or more ranges, and the meters feature partial shielding against stray electrical fields. Choose from analogy or digital displays. 


High Voltage Dividers 

Ross Engineering extra high accuracy voltage dividers can be used with panel meters, recorders, digital voltmeters, oscilloscopes, or computers for viewing and recording DC, CW (Continuous Wave), AC, pulse, or modulated frequencies. The lightweight base-mounted high voltage dividers and hand-hand probes can be used from 1kV to 1000kV with DC accuracies from 0.01% to 3%, and AC accuracies from 0.2% to 10% 


VMD2A Mulitpurpose Digital Voltmeter/Amplifier

Ideal for voltage measurement from 0.00001V to 1000V, the VMD2A Mulitpurpose Digital Voltmeter/Amplifier can be used in combination with Ross Engineering’s 0.01% or 0.1% high voltage probes and voltage dividers. It features a four-and-a-half digit readout and provides up to 0.01% DC accuracy and 0.1% AC accuracy. 

Personal Grounding Rods 

Ross Engineering personal ground rods are used to temporarily ground or discharge electronic equipment. The rods conform to OSHA clearance requirements with handles up to 12 feet available with any cable length to keep your team away from hazardous high voltage sources. Please note that they are not for powerline use. 

High Current Switches

GA Series 12KV-80KV PK Test, 400-600 amps continuous


Designed for use in moderate to high power applications, the GA Series high current switches are air cylinder operated with butt contact types. They are rated at 12 to 80kV PK test with current level ranges of 400 or 600 amps continuous.


GB Series 27KV-150KV PK Test, 400-2000 amps continuous

Ross Engineering’s GB Series high current switches are designed for heavier-duty high power applications. They feature sliding multiple finger contacts to minimise power loss caused by environmental contamination, and are available in single- or multi-pole, and single or double throw types.


GD Series 24KV-450KV PK Test, 400-8000 amps continuous


The GD Series high current switches are extremely compact for their rating and can be used in modular block form or stacked parallel to increase current handling capabilities. There are a wide range of models available with water or oil cooled options. 

High Voltage Relays 1KV to 300KV 1mA to 600 amps

E Series 12KV-60KV


These units are designed for transfer, safety grounding or tap selection at 12kV to 60kV peak test in air. Spring return units can be mounted in any position, and there are high-current units available with replaceable tungsten alloy contacts.


E Series 40KV-150KV

High reliability and a compact footprint join air insulation and fire-retardant epoxy glass laminate in these quality units. Heavy duty contacts minimise corona and contact resistance, and base-down mounting on basic units helps withstand shock and vibration. 


E Series 70KV-300KV


Insulate in oil or gas to double ratings on these units. A range of auxiliary contact ratings are available, and they can handle high voltage transfer, safety grounding, tap selection or capacitor discharge from 70kV to 300kV peak test in air.

E Series Air Operated 12KV-40KV


This range of high voltage relays can be actuated with compressed air or other gas at pressures of 80 to 120 PSI. That makes these units ideal for use in applications where full isolation between the control power source and the high voltage relay is required. 

E Series Latching 12KV-60KV


These spring-return units can be mounted in any position and are ideal for using with gravity return. Transfer, safety grounding and tap selection are possible at 12kV to 60kV peak test, and current interrupting relays, contactors and circuit breakers are available in higher voltages.



E Series Multipole 12KV-60KV


This series of air-insulated relays are designed for applications where multiple poles are required. High quality epoxy glass laminate is fire retardant, moisture sealed and anti tracking, and they are manufactured from environment resistant materials to ensure a long service life.



EA Series 12KV-40KV


These quality units are designed for higher continuous and momentary currents. The air-insulated relays use higher opening and closing forces to minimise contact resistance. They are widely used for high power load and tap selection, circuit isolation, and grounding or shorting.



EA Series Latching 12KV-40KV


These compact HV relays are air insulated and widely used for high power load and tap selection, circuit isolation, and grounding or shorting where no HV current interrupting rating is required. They come with weld-resistant, silver-plated copper alloy contacts that are easily renewable.



EC Series 12kV


This series offers a range of low-cost gravity closing safety transfer or shorting relay for low-energy and low-current sources where voltage is high enough to cause personal injury or damage to instrumentation.   





ED Series 70KV-300KV


These gravity return units with mount base down are for high voltage transfer, safety grounding, tap selection, or capacitor discharge at 70kV to 300kV peak test in air. Use oil or gas insulation to more than double ratings, and a range of auxiliary contact ratings are available. 



EE & ES Series 12KV-25KV


These units generally feature G-10 epoxy glass or equivalent HV insulation, and all above ground high voltage contacts are fully insulate. They are used for transfer, safety grounding, shorting and tap selection applications from 1kV to 25kV peak test in air and 1 amp to 25 amps continuous current capacity.



ET Series Multipole 14KV-25KV


This open-style compact series has high momentary current capabilities. Up to six poles can be added and the units are ideal for high voltage polarity reversing, multiple-load grouping or safety grounding. They are air insulated with no assigned interrupting ratings. 

Single-Pole HV Vacuum Contactors/Relays

HA Series
Heavy and very heavy duty types are designed for use at 400 to 2,000 amps continuous and 4,000 to 28,000 amps AC interrupt. Units are manufactured to incredibly high standards to withstand from 10,000 to more than 3 million operations. 



HB & HBDC Series


These are Ross Engineering’s smallest and lightest vacuum contactors and are designed for medium duty up to 400 amps continuous and up to 2,000 amps AC interrupt. Some models offer 10 amps DC interrupt, and minimum expected mechanical life on all units is at least 50,000 operations.





This series has been designed with low inertia and high shock resistance to enable high-speed contact parting and closing times. Pair with the Ross Engineering SCR controlled stored energy solenoid driver to attain maximum speed.

Three-Phase HV Vacuum Contactors & Circuit Breakers

HA3 & HE3 Series

HA3 upright and HE3 low profile HV three-phase vacuum contactors are designed for use in air, oil or insulating gas. Voltage range between 240V and 15.5kV suits a range of AC high power and industrial control applications, and both HA3 and HE3 units use moisture resistant G-10 epoxy glass with anti-track surface coating.



HB3 & HN3 Series


Both HB3 and HN3 series units are designed for moderate power, high voltage loads, and are the smallest and lightest of Ross Engineering’s high voltage three-phase vacuum contactors. They can be built directly into oil-filled rectifier transformers or mounted in the transformer or supply cabinets without excessive foundation requirements. 



HD3 & HK3 Series


The upright-mount HD3 series and low-profile HK3 series are both ideal for quiet, high speed ground fault or line fault protection for the control of mine or other portable equipment. The robust extra heavy units with stored energy closing are designed for a minimum of 50,000 mechanical operations.

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