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Standard Imaging is a key player in the fight against cancer. The company sets the global standard for advancing radiation quality assurance (QA) in healthcare and provides leading products and resources to the medical physics community. 

The company operates an eco-friendly manufacturing facility and is a leading supplier of radiation calibration and QA instruments. 


Oxford Scientific is a trusted Standard Imaging distributor in Australia and New Zealand. We service all major cities in Australia and New Zealand, and regional centres throughout Australia.

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Daily QA

Improve clinician productivity and reduce unnecessary vault trips, extraneous setup and manual data logging with Standard Imaging’s Daily QA solutions. 

QA BeamChecker Plus

The QA BeamChecker Plus eliminates the need for radiation therapists to enter the vault between energies. It can be used for fast QA across up to nine treatment rooms, and the wireless unit can operate independently from its QA management software. It also features integrated build up and automatic energy detection. 

MIMI Phantom

Significantly reduce the time traditionally needed for the the daily alignment and positioning of QA tests with the innovative MIMI Phantom. Daily tests can be performed in as little as two minutes within accepted 1mm tolerances for the confidence you need to deliver radiation prescriptions on target. 

Monthly QA

Data overwhelm got you down? Standard Imaging’s Monthly QA solutions make it simple to manage mountains of data or a single value.

PIPSpro Software

PIPSpro brings all your TG-142 imaging and machine QA procedures into a single easy-to-manage platform. It enables more comprehensive image and linac analysis and ensures accurate quantitative leaf speed loss calculations with a new MLC leaf speed module. 

Annual QA

Don’t let annual QA throw your workflow into disarray. Standard Imaging’s solutions reduce the time you need to complete annual QA with as little disruption as possible to your daily operations. 

DoseView 3D

This precision water phantom achieves incredible 0.1mm accuracy in three axis to reduce post-scan corrections. The unit’s efficient software will get you set up and ready to scan within 15 minutes, and it is manufactured with a one-piece cast aluminium frame. 

Extradin A28 Ion Chamber

Combine the Extradin A28 Ion Chamber with the DoseView 3D to achieve even faster set-up. It features omni-directional spatial resolution for relative dosimetry scanning in water phantoms and is ideal for use in minute field measurements. 

Absolute Dosimetry

Eliminate distortion and produce a pinpoint snapshot of every delivered dose with Standard Imaging’s Absolute Dosimetry solution. 

SuperMAX Electrometer

Support your TG-51 and TRS-398 dosimetry protocols with the innovative SuperMAX Electrometer that combines a revolutionary touchscreen interface with pinpoint reference grade measurement capability. The unit enables clinicians to acquire multiple point dose measurements without re-zeroing for a significant productivity boost. 

Patient Dosimetry

Want to measure the dosimetric impact of changes to patient position and anatomy without a phantom? Innovative software platform Adaptive can get it done. 


Adapt plans as needed with full insight into your patients’ treatment at each fraction. Pre-treatment automation and exit dose delivery verification is easy with Adaptivo, and the system also uses the daily CBCT for auto daily and cumulative 3D dose comparison. 

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