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Xstrahl is a global leader in the design and manufacture of superficial orthovoltage medical X-ray systems and advanced X-ray systems for pre-clinical radiation biology research. 

Headquartered in the UK, Xstrahl operates cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in the UK and US. Xstrahl equipment is used in more than 600 hospitals, clinics and dermatology practices around the world, including the renowned Mayo Clinic and MD Anderson Cancer Center. 

Oxford Scientific is a trusted Xstrahl distributor in Australia and New Zealand. We service all major cities in Australia and New Zealand, and regional centres throughout Australia. 

For purchasing and enquiries, please contact our experts at Oxford Scientific Australia via the button below.


Xstrahl 100

The Xstrahl 100is a low-energy X-Ray system that delivers fast and effective treatment for superficial skin conditions and skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. 

The innovative system provides pain-free treatments with no surgical scarring. Its pinpoint accuracy leaves healthy skin unaffected, and short exposure times require less shielding than other higher energy units. 

The unit’s small footprint makes it ideal for installation in compact spaces, and superior mobility enables clinicians to easily treat lesions in difficult to access areas without causing patient discomfort. 


Xstrahl 150

The Xstrahl 150 X-Ray system is ideal for treating superficial skin lesions includingbasal cell carcinoma, keloid scars, psoriasis and other benign plaques.


The unit’s adaptable energy range achieves superior cosmetic results with
pain-free treatments and no surgical scarring. 

With ceiling or floor mount options available, the Xstrahl 150offers flexible installation to suit a range of treatment rooms and small spaces. 


Xstrahl 200 

The Xstrahl 200 is a versatile radiotherapy system that provides superficial and orthovoltage treatment techniques in a single unit. 


The unit is commonly used to treat a range of superficial skin cancers, begin conditions and inflammatory disorders. It is also used in palliative care for the treatment of soft tissue metastases and secondary lesions. 


Ergonomically designed machine controls and smooth treatment arm adjustment reduce treatment times, and in-built dose control ensures pinpoint accuracy for complete patient safety. 


Xstrahl 300

The Xstrahl 300 is a powerful X-Ray system that delivers higher does rates to enable superior superficial and orthovoltage techniques. 

The unit is ideal for a wide range of superficial therapies, treats many benign conditions, and is used for palliative care including the treatment of mesothelioma chest drain sites, boney metastases and secondary lesions. 


A small footprint, along with floor or ceiling mount option makes the unit well suited for installation in compact treatment room spaces, and less shielding is required than traditionally used for high energy linear accelerators. 

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