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ScandiDos is the world leader in quality assurance (QA) and dosimetry for modern radiation therapy. With headquarters in Sweden and offices in the US, France and China, the company is renowned for its commitment to furthering safe and efficient individualised radiation treatment.

ScandiDos measurement systems and software are in use in radiation clinics around the world, and the Delta4 Discover was awarded the ‘Seal of Excellence’ from the EU Commission in 2019. 


Oxford Scientific is the exclusive ScandiDos medical equipment distributor in Australia and New Zealand. We service all major cities in Australia and New Zealand, and regional centres throughout Australia.


For purchasing and enquiries, please contact our experts at Oxford Scientific Australia via the button below.

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Delta4 Discover

The Delta4 Discover was awarded the ‘Seal of Excellence’ from the EU Commission in 2019. It ensures the highest efficiency in your patient QA with an innovative transmission detector based on real-time measurements. 


The transmission detector measures transmission dose including minimal attenuation and minimal increase in skin dose to the patient without reducing treatment clearance. 


The Express Measure feature monitors all critical treatment parameters with no interaction or preparation required, and performs automatic, independent and comprehensive QA of the treatment delivery for all fractions.


Delta4 Phantom+

Meet the wireless phantom that performs accurate patient QA in less time than ever. Complete alignment in seconds with clear phantom markers that enable you to accurately position the Delta4 Phantom+ in six dimensions. 


The battery powered unit transfers data via Wi-Fi with no cable connections required, and the patented detector configuration with dual orthogonal detector planes delivers accurate measurements in the isocentric target region.

Instant pass/fail analysis and independent Gantry angle verification via an in-built inclinometer provides independent verification, and pair it with the Delta4 Trolley.


Delta4 Phantom+ MR

Get all the features of the Delta4 Phantom+ plus full compatibility with existing MR-linacs. Measure dose distribution in the isocentric region where it matters most, and instantly compare the planned dose against pass/fail criteria. 


You can also say goodbye to time-consuming re-calibration thanks to the stable p-type detectors, and the phantom can also perform ion chamber measurements. 


The electronics are mounted on a separate trolley and can be easily detached when required. 


Delta4 Phantom+ Plastic Water® 

Delta4 Phantom+ Plastic Water® enables water equivalent pre-treatment verification to ensure the consistency of all water-based dosimetry. 

This provides the highest accuracy in dose determination and ensures consistency is maintained from calibration to patient QA.


® Plastic Water is a registered trademark of CIRS Inc.


Delta4 Hexamotion

Delta4 Hexamotion provides the rigorous QA and validation required for successful gating and tumour tracking, while preventing damage to at-risk organs.


The HexaMotion 6D Motion Platform replicates patient-specific tumour patterns in six dimensions, and can verify doses in moving targets. 


It also features sub-millimetre accuracy with fast positioning and latency detection in the delivery system.   

Delta4DVH Anatomy

The Delta4DVH Anatomy verifies the delivered dose with better than 99 per cent accuracy and real measurements in the target area. 


Instant pass/fail analysis is based on the dose to the tumour and OAR, and you can set up relevant criteria for dose deviations in both the phantom measurements and the patient anatomy. 


Analysis automation enables instant plan approval based on pre-set criteria for each type of treatment to save time and increase efficiency. 


Delta4 Machine QA

The Delta4 Machine QA makes it possible to complete advanced machine QA in just a few minutes. Compare measurements with TPS data or a reference measurement, and run the measurement directly in the RT machine’s service modeto set up the configuration directly in Delta4.


It also features stability check with high accuracy and detailed analysis, plus beam constancy at a wide rage of Gantry angles.

You can also run MLC performance checks at various Gantry angles, and discover and track long-term effects and trends. 


Delta4 Trolley

Use the C-shaped Delta4 Trolley to easily slide the phantom over the couch for fast positioning in the desired measurement position.


The trolley also makes it easy to transport the Delta4phantom to a storage space, and it is equipped with strong castor wheels that roll easily on any floor surface.

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